Professor Bahram Jalali’s group at UCLA:

The Photonics Laboratory


Professor Claus Ropers’ group at the University of Göttingen:

Ropers Group


Professor J. Nathan Kutz at the University of Washington

Kutz Research Group


Professor Benjamin Eggleton at the University of Sydney

Centre for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems


Professor John Dudley at the Université de Franche-Comté:

Research in Nonlinear Optics and Photonics


Professor Alex Gaeta’s group at Cornell University:

Quantum & Nonlinear Optics Research


Professor Jandir Hickmann at the Universidade Federal de Alagoas:

Optics and Materials Group


Professor Raymond Chiao at UC Merced

The Chiao Research Group


Professor Peter Delfyett at CREOL, University of Central Florida:

Ultrafast Photonics Group


Professor Sasan Fathpour at CREOL, University of Central Florida:

Integrated Photonics & Energy Solutions


Professor Aydogan Ozcan’s group at UCLA:

The Ozcan Research Group


Professor Ben Williams’ group at UCLA:

The Terahertz Devices and Intersubband Nanostructures Laboratory